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Something old...It's all about Hand -fasting!!

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

Well- I had heard of hand-fasting before! But when I tell people about the brilliant course I went on recently some look at me as though I've dropped from Planet Zog!! To you I say check out the Royal Wedding cos there was the Arch Bishop of Canterbury slipping in abit of traditional hand-fasting with his stole! So it's not just for those who are going down a more unconventional route!!

Hand-fasting is pretty old- finding its roots in Celtic and Pagan traditions. basically it symbolises a couple joining by tying their hands together and making solemn vows...

But it goes much deeper...each cord colour represents a different hope and for for health...white for purity etc etc.

Cords can be made of ribbon or actual cord. Some beautiful examples on Ebay.

The tying and knot can be significant...and from experience - tricky!!

I've perfected my tying and knot -thanks to a lovely couple on YouTube. Hope they had a fabulous day and the Pastor came through!! A very patient Hubby has provided crossed hands until I got it right.

As for where it fits into a ceremony...well that's really up to the couple. There are some truly beautiful words about the hands that hold that resonate with me...your partners hands do hold and comfort along the highroad of life...And tied expertly(yes trust me I've got it now!!) the knotted cord can become a keepsake for ever.

But...I really do think I have found my absolutely calling when I conducted a full Pagan Hand fasting.

Always been know for my spirituality...and connection with the elements. I live by the sea and never tire of the power, colour and sound of the waves. Don't get me started on clouds, trees and fire. I have a house of candles!!

So when we took part in the full Pagan ceremony in Leeds recently it was a total pleasure and joy. I was on an excited high for days

Check out the photos and the absolute legend fellow celebrants who took part on the day. Special thanks to Becky for guiding us through the whole process.

As ever, I was too busy talking and missed out on the cloaks-to be worn by the elements.

I tried to sneak off and but Becky said..."You've on!"

Well- you can't be a ham English teacher actress for all these years without blinking in the spot light then going for it!

Ok...looking abit serious...but i was so struck by the beauty of the service. was really cold!!

But believe me...although we were practicing- I felt the whole experience and a real belief in the words. It was a beautiful ceremony...A fabulous experience and I can't wait to do it for real...

I have the cloak, the cords-a beautiful singing bowl and all things for my alter...

My hope is to create this fabulous ceremony for a couple and share in their love and commitment with this absolutely symbolic tradition that binds their of their hope and dreams forever...

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