I love hand-fasting ceremonies – either on their own or as part of a wedding or commitment ceremony.


Their history, from Celtic times, makes them a very special part of a your celebration.

Traditionally they were performed as an intention to marry, rather than as an actual wedding ceremony!  Hand-fasting is the most likely origin of the phrase “Tying the knot” when we describe getting married!

Today hand-fasting can be wonderfully symbolic in any wedding ceremony. We can use  ribbons and cord, plaited ribbons, scarves or other ties that have been significance to you both. They may be draped over the hands and then tied or   bound or woven together . Choose your colour to reflect your wishes and desires for your future together. Why not involve family members and friends in the ritual? It can form a wonderful basis for a “blessing” at the end of the ceremony.

Hand-fasting ceremonies can also incorporate jumping the broom and the loving cup. Together we can explore these ritual ceremony enhancements to make your ceremony extra special.

If you  are Interested in a full Earth Centred Celtic hamdfasting-focusing on nature, I can create a beautiful ceremony that will reflect your spititual energies and beliefs.

Please see my blog for ideas about other beautiful symbolic elements you can include in your ceremony...